Thursday, April 27, 2023

Luz Noceda Archive


The Claw returns

 For anyone not in the know, I'm pretty fascinated with a lot of public domain super heroes and villains. Especially the Claw.

And because he's in the public domain, I plan on doing an ultraviolent adaption soon!

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Gothtober 2021

One of many poor attempts at doing a month long art challenge

Day 1: Kara from American Dragon Jake Long

Day 2: Andrea Davenport from the Ghost and Molly McGee (w/ alt)
I kinda cheated on this one. As Adnrea isn't really a goth

Day 3: Phantasma from Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School
(w/ OK KO alt)

Day 4: Creepy Susie from the Oblongs

Day 5: Violet Hart from Bless the Harts

Day 6: LucyFur from the Belzebubs
(Not exactly goth, but I wanted an excuse to draw her)


Mrs. Boonchuy Archive


Should I make stickers of this face?

Goddamn I love that face!

Anne Boonchuy Archive


Back to Basics


Well, my we are again

For the last few years, I've had my website, hosted by Web750. While I rarely ever updated it, I paid a meager fee for it. Thus I never thought much of it.

Then a few months back, on one particular Friday, I was charged $179.64 for a service that was only $14.99 per month. With, I believe, 20 bucks per year to renew my domain. My weekend was spent trying to contact customer services to resolve the issue. While I could get a hold of someone on said Friday, they couldn't resolve anything till Sunday night. 

I figured this was just a fluke. That perhaps a clerical error had caused this misunderstanding. 

But they tried to do it again. I cancelled my subscription before I was charged.  Now I still own my domain name (, and am trying to rig it to redirect here.

And now, I'm back on Blogger.

And perhaps, "back to basics" is the best for now.

Now, that I'm back on here. Don't worry I don't plan on plastering this page with a bunch of bullshit ads to shit I don't buy or actually support.